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The Imbeciles

The Imbeciles CD


Release Date: 16/10/2019

Discs: 1

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The Imbeciles are a post-punk, experimental rock band that grew out of WARTOAD – a mainstream punk act that formed in 2014 with musicians from LA, London and Texas, and described by The Reprobate magazine as “an extraordinary experience. Effectively, everything you might want from a rock band is here, defying convention and blitzing the audience into astounded submission.”

The turning point for the band came in 2018 during its tour of small venues in Southern California, Texas, and the North of England. WARTOAD realized they had more in common with idiosyncratic acts - Wire, Gang of Four, Devo – than they did with the mainstream punk scene.

“We’d played a show at this abandoned biker clubhouse out in the middle of the Southern California desert. We had no fucking clue where we were, and there were ten people, maybe - counting the owner. But it’s still one of our best shows. Mad. Everyone on it 100% and ending with the band and crew all trying to cram onto this stupidly small stage for the last song. So, after, we’re outside, high as fuck, standing on top of where this biker gang used to bury the bodies, looking up at the desert stars. Inspirational. Everyone was like, ‘bollocks, let’s just play the music we want to play. And that will be fine… carry on!’"

The band set themselves an immediate goal: to record an album that sounded like it could have been recorded four decades ago, in 1979, but without in any way being derivative or a “soundalike.”

The result was a new name, a new sound (leaner, louder, and more brutalist), and a new, eponymous album. 15 songs on the themes of paranoia, anger, violence, and betrayal (individual and state-sponsored) recorded all analog, in seven frenetic days at Sonic Ranch on the Texas/Mexico border.

Track Listing:

1. Panic
2. D.I.E.
3. Stalking Boy
4. Ice Cream
5. He's A Writer
6. One Hand Tommy
7. Oh My Rod II
8. Medicine
9. Decider
10. Action / Motion
11. Depending On
12. Bat
13. Ricochet
14. Back Brain/
15. Paranoia